Special Issues on Action Research By Top IS Journals

posted Jan 12, 2012, 3:38 PM by Debashish Mandal   [ updated Jan 20, 2012, 4:40 PM ]
Information Technology & People
Special Issue: Information Systems Action Research

Advice for an action researcher Enid Mumford (pp. 12 - 27)
Controlling action research projects David Avison, Richard Baskerville, Michael Myers (pp. 28 - 45)
The dual imperatives of action research Judy McKay, Peter Marshall (pp. 46 - 59)
GSS and action research in the Hong Kong police Robert Davison (pp. 60 - 77)
Action learning and groupware technologies: a case study in GSS facilitation research Pak Yoong, Brent Gallupe (pp. 78 - 90)
System development conflict during the use of an information systems prototyping method of action research: Implications for practice and research Mike Chiasson, Albert S. Dexter (pp. 91 - 108)


The Grim Reaper: The Curse of E-Mail Weber, Ron p1-1, 11p
Special issue on action research in information systems: Making IS research relevant to practice Baskerville, Richard, Myers, Michael D (p329-335)
Networks of action: sustainable health information systems across developing countries By Braa, Jørn, Monteiro, Eric, Sahay, Sundeep, (p337-362)
Informating the clan: Controlling physicians' costs and outcomes By: Kohli, Rajiv; Kettinger, William J p363-394
Managing risk in software process improvement: an action research approach Iversen, Jakob H.,Mathiassen, Lars,Nielsen, Peter Axel p395-433
Design principles for competence management systems: a synthesis of an action research study By Lindgren, Rikard; Henfridsson, Ola; Schultze, Ulrike p435-472
Small business growth and internal transparency: The role of information systems By: Street, Christopher T.; Meister, Darren B. p473-506
Dialogical action research at omega corporation By: Mårtensson, Pär; Lee, Allen S.  p507-536