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A compilation of MIS Journal Rankings, edited by Carole Saunders and the Senior Scholars' Basket of Journals is maintained by the Association of Information Systems

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Name of JournalCommentPublishing DetailsRankReviewEmailReply
Name of JournalCommentPublishing DetailsRankReviewEmailReply
Journal of Information Systems      Not applicable 
European Journal of Information Systems Review done from 2008 - 2011  1A    
Information Systems Journal Review done from 2008 - 2011  1A    
Information Systems Research Review done from 2008 - 2011  1A    
Journal of Information Technology Review done from 2008 - 2011  1A    
Journal of Management Information Systems Review done from 2008 - 2011  1A    
Journal of the Association for Information Systems Review done from 2008 - 2011  1A    
MIS Quarterly Review done from 2008 - 2011  1A    
The Journal of Strategic Information Systems Review done from 2008 - 2011  1A    
Information Systems Research Special Issue Call for Papers: Social Media and Business Transformation Special Issue on Social Media Top Journal - Call for paper NA 2A     
Information Technology & People Special issue on Action Research - Top IS Journal published NA 2A    
MIS Quarterly Special Issue Call for Papers - Information Systems for Symbolic Action: Social Media and Beyond Special Issue on Social Media - Call for paper NA 2A     
MIS Quarterly Special Issue on Action Research 2004 Top Journal special issue on Action research in IS published in 2004 - to be referenced  2A     
Qualitative Research in Information Systems Reference site by Myers on qualitative research in IS  2A     
Australian Journal of Management Review done from 2008. No IS or SME related paper. Email sent Email:   Positive Reply 
Communications of the ACM TOP IS Journal. Technical oriented    Not applicable 
Computers in Human Behavior Review done from 2008 - 2011   No reply 
Convergence: The Journal of Research into New Media Technologies (Convergence) Not business related    Not applicable 
Electronic Commerce Research Review done from 2008 - 2011. Not a single suitable article found. Can attempt to publish by orienting paper around social commerce Gavish Administrative Assistant at 3 to 6 months   Positive Reply 
Electronic Commerce Research and Applications Review done from 2008 - 2011. Publishing a special issue on social commerce. deadline 15th feb 2012. Email sent online   No reply 
Electronic Markets Review done from 2009 - 2011. Email:   No reply 
Information and Management Review done from 2008 - 2011 Acceptance rate is about 8%. half being rejected within a month of submission and the final accept decision often as much as 18 months including two reworks by the author   Positive Reply 
Information and Organization Review done from 2008 - 2011 email sent online. initial screen by editor - 7 days initial review - 45 days time to initial decision - 15 days   Positive Reply 
Information Systems Technical not suitable for behavioural aspects     Not applicable 
Information Systems Journal AR Systems and Design science oriented    Not contacted 
Information Technology & People Review done from 2008 - 2011. Dr Kevin Crowston Associate Professor, School of Information Studies, Syracuse University, USA - acceptance around 10% turnaround time around 125 days   Positive Reply 
International Journal of Electronic Commerce Review done from 2008 - 2011 Special issue on Social Commerce Dec 2011 preliminary review takes a week or two; full referee review takes 2-3 months. The acceptance rate is about 8%.   Positive Reply 
International Journal of Information Management Review done 2008-2011 few articles.  Email done online. Reply within 2 weeks, If the paper goes through the review process, it will take about 3 months.   Positive Reply 
Journal of Computer Information Systems Review done 2008-2011. Articles are mostly on adoption. 6-8 weeks from submission to a first decision . acceptance rate is 12-13%.   Positive Reply 
Journal of Computer-Mediated Communication Reviewed not fit for our study    Not applicable 
Journal of Organizational Computing and Electronic Commerce Review done from 2008-2011   Positive Reply 
Journal of the American Society for Information Science and Technology No relevant article partial review   Negative Reply 
Management Science short review.  very poor acceptance rate. one article of IS published per issue   Not applicable 
Marketing Science  Short review. Special issue on UGC yet to be published. Extremely marketing oriented IS    Not applicable 
Australasian Journal of Information Systems NO publication after 2010.     Not applicable 
Information Systems Management short review Editor-in-Chief Janice Sipior /    Reply awaited 
Information Technology and Management Review done from 2008-2011   Reply awaited 
International Journal of Emerging Technologies and Society Reviewed from 2008-2011   Reply awaited 
Internet Research Reviewed 2008-2011   Positive Reply 
Journal of Electronic Commerce in Organizations Reviewed 2008-2011   Positive Reply 
Journal of Electronic Commerce Research attached to an e-mail to Professor M.Y. Kiang, E-mail:     Positive Reply 
Journal of Internet Commerce Reviewed 2008-2011   Positive Reply 
Journal of Systems and Information Technology     Not applicable 
The Electronic Journal of Information Systems Evaluation Reviewed 2008-2011   Positive Reply 
Computer Science and Information Systems Editor- in-Chief: Mirjana Ivanović, University of Novi Sad / /    Not contacted 
International Journal of Business and Systems Research Editor in Chief Prof. Jason C.H. Chen/     
International Journal of Business Innovation and Research  Editor in Chief Prof. Angappa Gunasekaran /     
International Journal of E-Adoption Reviewed 2008-2011   Reply awaited 
International Journal of E-Business Research  Reviewed 2008-11   Positive Reply 
International Journal of Electronic Business Editor in Chief Prof. Dr. Eldon Y. Li/ Nothing after 2011   Positive Reply 
International Journal of Electronic Business Management Wei-Wen Hsieh Editorial Staff/     
International Journal of Electronic Customer Relationship Management  Editor in Chief Prof. Bruce Chien-Ta Ho/     
International Journal of Electronic Marketing and Retailing Editors Prof. Dinesh S. Dave/    Positive Reply 
International Journal of Information Technology and Management  Editor in Chief Dr. M.A. Dorgham International Centre for Technology and Management UK/     
International Journal of Internet Marketing and Advertising  Editor in Chief Prof. Dr. HsiuJu Rebecca Yen/     
International Journal of Knowledge and Research in Management and E-Commerce India based. for future. Harish Mittal Managing Editor Deptt. of IT, Vaish College of Engineeirng, Rohtak /     
International Journal of Management and Enterprise Development Short Review. SME oriented. Editor in Chief Dr. Chinho Lin /   Reply awaited 
International Journal of Managing Information Technology or     
International Journal of The Computer, The Internet and Management Can publish anything under the earth/ Srisakdi Charmonman, Ph.D. Editor-in-Chief E-mail:,     
Journal of Cases on Information Technology  Mehdi Khosrow-Pour, DBA Editor-in-Chief Email:     
Journal of Emerging Trends in Computing and Information Sciences Paid US$78    Positive Reply 
Journal of Information Systems Applied Research Reviewed 2008-2011    Not contacted 
Journal of Information Technology Case and Application Research Editor-In-Chief Suprateek Sarker/    Not contacted 
Pacific Asia Journal of the Association for Information Systems Investigate and publish. Ting-Peng Liang Professor Email:  Since AIS so A   Not contacted 
Sprouts: Working Papers on Information Systems Investigate Working papers only   Positive Reply 
The Electronic Journal of Business Research Methods discuss completed research findings or work in progress. Editor Dr. Ann Brown/     
Academy of Information and Management Science Not suitable Sharad K. Maheshwari, Editor    Not applicable 
ACM Transactions on Management Information Systems Started on October 2010. Not ranked Chargeable   Positive Reply 
BuR - Business Research Reviewed 2008-2011    No reply 
International Journal of Actor-Network Theory and Technological Innovation (IJANTTI) Not suitable IGI global too much drama   Not contacted 
Showing 70 items